Flyaway kits

Flyaway kits, or flypacks as they are known, have been at the core of ZOOM's broadcast operations from the very beginning. From analog to digital, to HD and now UHD/4K, 1.5G to 3G and now 12G, ZOOM's experience with flyaway kits positions us at the forefront of global flyaway operations.

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System Integration

ZOOM has for long been known for its System Integration skills. These include long term turn-key installations and facilities management services for Broadcast networks. Our Build-Operate- Transfer (BOT) model enables Broadcasters to make a quick entry into a highly competitive market. They focus energies into their core business of creating, broadcasting and distributing content…..leaving complex technical aspects for ZOOM to handle.

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Equipment Hire

We provide equipment hire services, dry and wet, globally. Leading O.B and Host Broadcast Production companies, Sports Federations, Broadcast networks regularly hire from us.

We offer a large inventory of UHD/4K/High Definition broadcast equipment using the latest 3G/12G and IP technologies....UHD/HD Camera channels including 6x Super slow motion channels ,UHD/HD Ultramotion Camera systems...

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Content Creation

Since its early days, ZOOM has been active in developing and creating content for entertainment and infotainment.

From a feature film, to scores of documentaries and short films, ZOOM has always had a significant presence in the creative side of the broadcast business.

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